06. April
Ausstellung: Surface - New Connections
Begin: 06. April
Ende: 23. April

New Connections #2
Surface: Anna Volpi, Marco Masotto, Sebastiano Genovesi

Vernissage: 6. April, 19 Uhr
Ausstellung: 7. April - 22. April 2018

Die Ausstellung "Surface" zeigt Arbeiten der Künstler*innen Anna Volpi, Marco Masotto and Sebastiano Genovesi, die zurzeit alle in Italien leben. Ihre Arbeiten beschäftigen sich mit dem Experimentieren zwischen verschiedenen Medien und Materialien. Sie versuchen neue Wege zu finden die Struktur von Oberflächen, seien es menschliche oder tierische Haut, Malerei oder gestaltete Objekte, zu erforschen.

Die drei Künstler*innen sind Teil des Projekthaus-Kollektivs "R84 - Multifactory" in Mantua, Italien und deshalb Teil der Ausstellungsreihe "New Connections", in der wir neue Verbindungen zu anderen Orten knüpfen möchten. Als Teil der Ausstellung wird es eine direkte Verbindung zu der Mutlifacoty in Italien geben. Möglich wird dies durch ein "e-window" das durch ein Team von Mitgliedern der Multifactoy, des Hole of Fame als auch des teilwerk kreiert wird.

English Version:

New Connections #2
Surface: Anna Volpi, Marco Masotto, Sebastiano Genovesi

opening: 6th of April, 7pm
exhibition: 7th of April - 22nd of April

The exhibition "Surface" shows works by the artists Anna Volpi,
Marco Masotto and Sebastiano Genovesi, currently all living in
Italy. Their work deals with the experimentation of different
mediums and materials. They all try to find new ways of exploring
the structure of surfaces, may it be human or animal skin, paintings or designed objects.

The exhibition is part of our series "New Connections" as the three
artists work in a shared projecthouse the " R84 Multifactory" in Mantua to which we build up a new relationship for exchange. As part of the exhibition there will be a direct connection to the space in Italy through the ewindow, that is created by a team from the Multifactory, Hole of Fame and teilwerk.

About R84:

R84 takes place in Mantova, a small capital of province located in North Italy, between Milan and Venice. Mantova used to be an industrial city, as after WWII several industrial plants were built close to the city following plans for post war reconstruction of the heavy industry asset of the Country. A huge refinery, the first one built in Po valley, started the production in 1953. In December 2013 the last owner, MOL Group, announced the shut down of the refinery. The production lines were stopped in January 2014 and more than three hundred employees were fired. To manage the social crisis that followed, local government, trade unions and the property of the area started a process to foster the reindustrialization of the area, to attract private investors, and to implement innovative productive concepts in the site. Delegates from local government, Lombardy region, Italian government, trade unions, the environmental protection agency, and the owner of the area formed a commission to evaluate proposals to redevelop the area and launched a call for projects. The selection process of the economic activities to host in the area took two years and in 2016 two projects were allowed to start their activities. R84 Multifactory Mantova is one of these two projects and is a shared workspace shaped on the Multifactory Model. R84 Multifactory Mantova consists of six buildings (four two-storey office blocks, a workshop and a small warehouse), and covers an area of approximately 8,500 sqm including garden and parking lots. R84 Multifactory Mantova didn’t receive any private or public funding and is completely self-sufficient, but the area is given on free rent for twelve years and the owner covers all costs for heating and electricity for first two years.

R84 Multifactory Mantova is run by an Association of Entrepreneurs, called “Associazione R84”, which is made by the same members of R84 Multifactory. The association is the managing entity of R84 Multifactory Mantova and is responsible for any financial, administrative and strategic aspect of the multifactory.
Every company that is part of R84 Multifactory Mantova pays a fixed monthly fee, based on the size of their office or workshop, which includes all expenses and services. An all-inclusive “flat rate” helps professionals and startups to stay focused on their business, as they can avoid unexpected expenses and save money over leased space alternatives.
R84 Multifactory Mantova has international relationships with other Shared Workspaces in UK, Portugal, Spain, USA, Ecuador, and Germany.

R84 Multifactory Mantova is aimed to promote and support activities related to crafting, the Makers movement, entrepreneurship, and in general art and professionals. Special attention goes to development of innovative products and services, and to investigate how to foster innovation through collaboration and a collective rethinking of creative processes.
In 2017 R84 Multifactory Mantova was partner of a project related to Augmented Reality and exploring new potentials coming from innovative fields, as robotics, smart manufacturing, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality.

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